Saturday 23 August 2014

Welsh Orchid Festival at National Botanic Garden of Wales 6th and 7th September

Having a deadline is a mixed blessing.

On the one hand there is a sense of purpose, and the comfort of knowing what you have to do.  No shilly shallying, no procrastinating on what to paint, the decision is more or less made.  Or maybe
But the deadline is fast approaching and there's a feeling of not having enough paintings, or frames or....  time! eek    where did it go?

And of course I have to take time out for other things, like designing and ordering my new business cards.   I'm always amazed at just how much time can be swallowed up by having to work on the computer.  Even when I know what I'm doing, and have everything worked out beforehand, a day can be gone.

So... (drum roll)   at long last, here's my new business card.   


  1. What a lovely business card!!! Best of luck with the exhibition, Polly

  2. It's beautiful Polly, it's all coming together. I'm hoping to come down to the festival and say hi xx

  3. Thanks Claire, it would be lovely to see you again.

  4. looking forward to having arty company, and seeing your work in the flesh....I'm not ready either !

    1. Great to hear from you Paul, I'm looking forward to seeing your work too. Are we ever really ready?
      Trying not to run round in circles LOL